Feed Your Head

Hello. Some people call me Dormouse, others Snodgrass. To one other person, I am Mr. Knox. I am a 25 year old Theatre student living in Pennsylvania. And yes. That does indeed mean I am insane. Like legit though. I use theatre as some sort of time consuming therapy. I am a homoromantic asexual in a committed relationship with a "normal" sexual (shocking, eh? Take that Dan Savage!) and I am quite involved in LGBTQIAP and HIV/AIDS activism (And yes. I mean OUTSIDE of Tumblr). When I am not sleeping during the day, lurking at night, feasting on the blood of humans weaker than I and terrorizing small children, you can probably find me working on a play or rabble rousing over issues very close to me. (In fact, I'm currently co-authoring a play about HIV stigma). Overall, I'm quite strange. But I try to be strangely lovable. Any questions, feel free to ask. I'm friendly and only bite sometimes :)
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